The diversity at KDM is what distinguishes us from any other company in the industry. Our employees come from a wide array of backgrounds, beliefs, and life experiences. Interestingly enough, these diversities are the foundation of our uniformity. Alternatively stated: that which sets us apart, is what brings us together. Maintaining an efficient and successful team involves a number of factors that we strive to incorporate into our environment each and every day. Having worked hard to build our engineering culture to focus on our uniqueness, we believe that it is important to maintain a healthy work/life balance, and that work shouldn’t just feel like work.

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We have a less traditional office space, which allows for a more open and collaborative environment. We consider ourselves a team-first corporate culture, which consistently encourages and implements employee feedback. Although the environment at KDM can be classified as fun, we recognize that work must always get done, but it’s okay to leave a little room for play at times. While we’ve created a remarkable office environment, our employees are not always in the office. Employees go out into the field to do hands on work with our clients. Since we are an electrical engineering consulting firm, there are risks and dangers associated with being out in the field. Maintaining engineering safety and minimizing danger or injury is key. Safety is implemented through the use of PPE (personal protective equipment), because at KDM, Safety is ALWAYS in style. We also provide ongoing safety training and practices, so that safety is a priority and danger is not a problem. At KDM Engineering, we have a talented group of individuals focused on helping us achieve our goals. We strive to support our mission and vision by attracting people who share our company values and believe in the positive impact our work has on the communities we serve.

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Having an exceptional office culture is no longer an option, but a necessity. As part of the KDM Advantage, employees enjoy a flexible, relaxed work environment and are encouraged to use the pool table during lunch, or take a break from their strenuous tasks and relax in the nap room. The key to happy, efficient, effective employees is to recognize them as people who have lives outside of the office, and treat them accordingly. Employees are recognized for their performance and rewarded for their hard work at quarterly team outings.Whether it be a midday boat cruise, lunch at our favorite pizza shop, or an offsite team-building exercise, our outings allow us to grow as a team and reward everyone for their accomplishments and hard work. At KDM we emphasize personal growth, and we’ve created an environment where each employee is empowered to create their own path to success, with the company’s full support.

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