What The Project Is:

In August of 2016 KDM Engineering implemented a new policy for employees to acquire extra PTO, in return for service to their community. Each employee has the choice to participate in a community service project of their choosing, for which they will earn additional PTO (up to 24 hours). For every 8 hours of time donated to community service, KDM Engineering rewards employees with 3 hours of PTO. Employees can spend their time at a variety of places including: local churches, food drives, soup kitchen, homeless shelters, animal shelters etc. KDM implemented this incentive to employees in efforts to assist, and give back to the community.

Our First Participant:

We would like to acknowledge our first employee to participate in this program, Rishikesh Belekar. Rishikesh went above and beyond, and completed 80 hours of community service. He volunteered at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness; where he washed cooking utensils, prepared food, cleaned the kitchen and temple, and provided transfer services. Rishikesh continued to dedicate his time beyond the 64 hours, knowing that he would only receive paid time off for 64 of the 80 hours he completed. We understand that time is valuable, and we would like to thank Rishikesh for dedicating his time outside of work to help our community. Thank you for exceeding our expectations, and going above and beyond.

Headshot of KDM employee Rishikesh Belekar