KDM Engineering is proud to be working on the Bronzeville Community Microgrid with ComEd. A microgrid is a small power grid that can connect or disconnect to the main grid, keeping locally generated power flowing in times of emergency. The two microgrids being tied together are from the Illinois Institute of Technology and ComEd.

The entire project is divided into three phases; KDM will oversee the design for the first and second phases (coordinating with ComEd’s in-house designers). The first two phases aim to reconfigure the feeders to be able to support the various loads. The second phase involves installing critical infrastructure, namely, Vista Switchgear with radio communication capabilities, to be able to switch the microgrid on/off from the utility grid and maintaining continuity to customers. The third phase encompasses construction of solar generation and installation of Battery Energy Storage by various vendors to support generation for the microgrid and connect it to the existing grid.

This project is the first of its kind in the nation where two different microgrids will be coordinating and communicating with each other to maintain critical loads and continuity of power to a community. We will share more details as we continue our work on this project! To learn more, please follow this link.