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Engineering Consulting

At KDM, we are professional engineering consultants. KDM has tested and proven engineering and training techniques, which allows for us to manage a multitude of interdependent projects. Through successful project management, we strive to achieve an outcome of improved organization performance. Our team has a plethora of distribution and design experience, and can help our clients ensure both quality and technical accuracy of each project. Although we specialize in electrical and civil engineering, we have a multi-faceted team that can handle whatever needs your project requires.

Project Management

While many people use the terms “program management” and “project management” interchangeably, there are distinct differences between the two, and at KDM we understand that. Our ability to differentiate between program and project management is what allows our company to be more productive and deliver better results to our clients. Our program managers articulate the objectives and goals of the program, by mapping out a list of dependent projects that will need to be achieved in order to reach that specified goal. This is where we implement project management to administer the operations of each individual project within the program. Our engineering project manager will work with you to define your needs and establish project schedules. We will coordinate time, resources, budget, and delegate tasks accordingly across our team to achieve specified goals while adhering to quality standards. Through implementation of modern technologies, techniques, and concepts, we will effectively manage your projects and exceed desired results. We are a professional project management consultancy firm with specialized knowledge; and pertinent, relevant experience to assist your organization in achieving above standard project outcomes.

  • Individual project management
  • Establishment of goals
  • Coordination of time
  • Ordering of resources
  • Meet deadlines
  • Adhere to budget
  • Deliver results