Substation Engineering & Design

Fundamental elements involved in substation engineering include physical design, civil/structural design, electrical testing, and protection & control systems. Whether it’s laying out a ground grid, or creating a new design for substation lighting, our expertise and services can be of help when it comes to your specific needs. We can create metering & relay equipment upgrades, install 3-phase voltage regulators, perform upgrades to transformer & feeder metering to include 3 phase kW & kVAR hourly metering, install step-down transformers, and upgrade station transformer LTC controls, capacitor controls, SCADA & communications. Our team has previously studied and surveyed existing infrastructure, and designed photocell lighting systems incorporating motion detection that are able to be remotely controlled. We also provide constructions grade drawings and designs. KDM can take your complex substation challenges, and turn them into solutions.

  • Site development & Permitting
  • Bill of Materials
  • General plan views & Section views
  • Details drawings
  • Schematic & Wiring Diagrams
  • DC Battery calculations
  • Cable tables
  • Preparation of BOM information
  • Construction support & Site visits