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A Game Changer: KDM-Unanet ERP Partnership Continues Evolving

Kevin Swan featured in Unanet Champions Video Series

Five years ago, KDM Engineering partnered with Unanet ERP AE to build out an online platform that would provide KDM’s team with real-time reports for managing projects more effectively.

It’s been a game changer, said Kevin Swan, KDM Engineering’s Director of Business Development and Systems Integration. KDM uses the powerful enterprise resource planning system to plan and track engineering projects, hours, and financial accounting. It’s been integrated into every part of the business, including human resource management, such as tracking paid time off.

“One of the things we love about Unanet is the ability to grow. As we grow as a company, Unanet grows with us,” said Swan, who was featured in Unanet’s Champions Video Series. 

“When I started 5 years ago, Kimberly Moore, president of the company, said, ‘Here you go, this is Unanet.’ We went from a no ERP system to a full-blown ERP system,” Swan said. “That has been my child ever since.”

Swan works closely Unanet’s support team, noting their customer service is “outstanding.” He points to the start of the pandemic and how quickly Unanet pivoted to online training – all at a time when KDM was preparing to go live with the system. “Everyone I have interacted with at Unanet has been great to work with.”

Swan continues to explore new aspects of the system to help the KDM team create the reports and dashboards they need.

“It’s been a great experience over the past five years, and I look forward to going further down the road with Unanet,” Swan said.