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Our experienced team has an in-depth understanding of telecommunications design standards and industry processes, applying appropriate telecom practices and procedures for local, city, state and governmental environments.

Our team manages multiple projects simultaneously, including small cell sites, optical transport/network deployment, backbone infrastructure, vendor contracts, construction and splicing functions, with full life cycle responsibility for ensuring completion of projects on time and on budget. We also manage contract bids, statements of work, project schedules, cost, budget tracking and reporting, and status updates, as well as engineering design review and approvals.

Telecommunications icon Fiber Design


Our telecommunications engineering team is highly experienced in the design/build and layout of:

  • Telecom Infrastructure – OSP (Outside Plant) and ISP (Inside Plant) to include aerial, buried and third party facility communications design and layout
  • Underground conduit, manhole/handhole mapping
  • Wireless system design and build, including structural, civil, fiber, and power to small cells and macro tower locations
  • Backup power systems design, including AC and DC power banks
  • Utility coordination
  • Joint use programs
  • Utility automation
  • Course and dense wavelength-division multiplexing

Design Process

Our typical design process:

  • Perform fiber engineering assessment of proposed locations and routes using best-cost engineering practices to determine final route.
  • Design and redline outside plant network facilities and applicable infrastructure routes from Central Office termination point to customer access point or any segment in between.
  • Coordinate access to professional/private facilities (e.g., schools, hospitals, military bases, etc.), when applicable.
  • Provide make-ready engineering
  • Create permit drawings using AutoCAD or MicroStation and submit permits to applicable jurisdictions. We will continue to work with all jurisdictions through permit approval.
  • Develop a “Bill of Materials” list for all materials required to be incorporated in the project.
  • Develop as-built drawings

Telecommunications icon Small Cell

Small cell solutions are a key component of upgrading and enhancing wireless coverage and capacity. We can help clients add small cell sites to existing infrastructure, deploying a small cell network of low-powered antennas called "nodes" that are connected by fiber optic cable and can handle large amounts of data at high speeds. KDM will also work to upgrade and add to the fiber backbone. 

Our team will review and submit new or modified applications based on site survey reviews, engineering designs and reviews, and survey services. We also cover site information acquisitions using IkeGPS, structural analysis using PoleForeman and O-Calc, and project management. Our experienced permitting team will acquire any necessary permits, and we will work to ensure deliverables are on schedule and within budget.