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As we strive to re-engineer the future, KDM has been partnering with electric and natural gas utilities for years to help design and build a more reliable energy infrastructure able to meet the growing needs of our communities.

From facility relocation to new business connections, system upgrades to Smart Grid technologies, KDM’s experienced team of engineers is committed to innovation, excellence, and creative problem-solving. We put our clients first, ensuring all design requirements and engineering standards are met, as well as going above and beyond to keep projects on schedule and within budget.

Distribution Engineering Distribution Engineering

Experienced in both overhead and underground design, our team can skillfully plan new or upgrade existing services to customers from 4kV to 34kV. We start by determining electrical system needs, analyzing system failures & suggesting appropriate solutions, and then designing the overall best system for distributing power where you need it, including renewables.

KDM works on a variety of equipment and system upgrades to improve reliability, ensuring every design meets and exceeds standards. Our team has proven experience designing electrical feeder extensions, commercial building electrical vaults, line clearance violations, voltage optimization, AMI/DA Radio Installation, system fiber builds, and more. We also work in support of storm hardening, grid resiliency, and joint-use programs. KDM’s proven process includes site assessments and strict quality control reviews to ensure clients receive high-quality deliverables.

We provide:

  • Reconductoring (wire upgrades, space cable, and storm hardening)
  • Solutions for Line Clearance Violations
  • Distribution Automation
  • 34kV PTS Upgrades
  • New Feeder Design (line extensions) and planning
  • Overhead to Underground Conversion (4-12kV conversion)
  • High Rise and Main Line Vault Design
  • Bill of Material Creation
  • Summer Critical
  • Capacity Planning Studies
  • Manhole Duct Bank Designs

Natural gas distribution icon Natural Gas Distribution Design

Our experienced team has a proven track record of providing high-quality gas-related services. Our project managers will adapt to your schedule, ensuring each project is delivered on time and within your budget.

We provide:

  • Natural Gas Main & Service Replacement Design
  • New Gas Main & Service Design
  • Public Improvement, Conflict Analysis, & Relocation Design
  • Horizontal Directional Drill Design
  • Railroad Permit Applications
  • Bridge Piping Analysis
  • Expansion Joint & Pipe Hanger Design
  • Permit Applications
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • As-Built Drawing Development

Civil Engineering Civil Engineering

KDM provides civil engineering services to a broad spectrum of public and private sector clients. Our experienced team understands the complexities of site civil and structural engineering for properties of all sizes in both dense, urban environments as well as suburban and rural areas. We are also committed to sustainable design, utilizing low impact, green design practices and renewable resources.

We provide:

  • Stamped utility plans and coordination with the Office of Underground Coordination (OUC)
  • Calculation Review & Certification
  • Plan and Profile Underground Facilities
  • Site Design
  • Site Improvements Design
  • Site Grading, Drainage, & Earthwork

AutoCAD drafting icon AutoCAD/Drafting

KDM provides two- and three-dimensional design and drafting using Microstation and AutoCAD, which allows us to view, model, document, and visualize complex information for high-quality design and drafting services.  We can take your existing drawings and transform them or start new and create a finalized plan consisting of master sketches and electrical diagrams. All designs are saved into DWG format for small files or DGN for larger products. Our advanced software and highly-skilled team can assist with any of your drafting needs, including precise organization, staying within your project budget, and delivering the work on your schedule.

Permitting Permitting

Using a simple process of coordination, communication, and follow-through,  the KDM team ensures your permitting requirements are done right from start to finish. Our team prepares submittal packages and coordinates an efficient submittal and retrieval process for a variety of jurisdictions and municipalities. We are also responsible for tracking all pending permits through the review process and communicating the status of each permit with the project team.  

Our Permit Coordinator will interact with both jurisdictional employees and the project management team to resolve any redline issues and communicate any upcoming requirement change. We will also track and generate reports on project status to ensure deadlines are met for all projects, including those occurring simultaneously.

Utility coordination icon Utility Coordination

As your interface with the local utilities, our goal is to successfully resolve any potential utility conflicts on your infrastructure projects. We will review permits, obtain as-built drawings, conduct field reviews taking both current and proposed design into consideration, and notify affected utilities in the initial stages of your project. If facility relocation is necessary, our team will work closely with all impacted utilities to identify any joint-build opportunities. Our detail-oriented process will prevent any complications from the start, ensuring a smooth process and on-time deliverables.

We will:

  1. Identify the utility facilities in conflict.
  2. Communicate with both the project coordinator and utility owners.
  3. Coordinate with the utility to investigate any conflicting projects and determine solutions.
  4. Review all easement and permitting.