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KDM Engineering Hosts Annual Fundraising Raffle, Donates Proceeds to Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity Logo

KDM Engineering provides many opportunities for staff to give back to their communities, including the company's annual fundraising raffle, with all ticket proceeds benefiting a charity selected by employees. All funds raised through ticket sales are matched by KDM. This year, employees raised $3,000 in ticket purchases, which was matched by the company for a total donation of $6,000 to Habitat for Humanity.

In past years, KDM awarded PTO to three raffle winners, but decided to change things up this year and offer five individual prizes, including a 65" Samsung TV as the top prize, a 9th Generation iPad, a Secret Lab gaming chair, and KDM apparel store gift cards.

"We've been hosting this fundraising raffle for several years now, and PTO was always an enticing incentive, but the pandemic changed that," said Kimberly Moore, President and Founder of KDM Engineering. "Our staff wasn't taking as much time off due to COVID restrictions, so we thought physical prizes would be a better option, although the real prize is simply supporting an amazing organization like Habitat for Humanity."

KDM also plans to host a coat drive later this winter in response to employee feedback on wanting to do more than just monetary donations. Other ways KDM encourages employees to give back is through their community service program. For every eight hours of volunteer time, employees earn four hours of PTO. KDM is a proud supporter of Calculated Genius, a nonprofit intent on educating and enlightening underrepresented youth in engineering. The company is also proud to support Special Olympics Chicago by participating in the annual Chicago Polar Plunge.

"I'm always incredibly proud of my team for embracing KDM's culture of giving and going all in when it comes to our programs throughout the year," said Moore. "They continue to amaze me with their generosity, showing a lot of appreciation and support for their communities."