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President and Founder of KDM Engineering, Kimberly D. Moore, wins Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s 2018 40 Under 40

CSE Magazine 40 Under 40

Consulting-Specifying Engineer has selected KDM president and founder Kimberly Moore as an honoree of their 2018 40 Under 40 Award. The award represents those with outstanding leadership skills that drive companies to success; it also highlights those individuals who strive to give back to their community.

Given Ms. Moore’s years of dedication and hard work, we are thankful to see others recognize her efforts and passion. As the article states below, Ms. Moore’s journey has been an inspirational path that continues to grow.

“As president and founder of KDM Engineering in Chicago, Moore is an electrical engineering manager with more than 15 years of experience, as well as a comprehensive background in distribution engineering, including group and project management. She has had years of experience within the engineering industry prior to founding KDM Engineering. Since graduation from college, every experience has been a vertical step in her career and provided her with the skills and experience needed to eventually build her own company. Moore has designed or managed the design for more than 50 downtown Chicago high-rises, and her company has seen a 230% growth in profits over the past 2 years, with an addition of a new location in Baltimore in 2017.  While in her current position, she has mentored more than 40 individuals within her company and organizations (including her own nonprofit organization Calculated Genius) while also being an active member of several other organizations that focus on community leadership.”