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Smart city image showing electrical innovation.

Microgrid Distribution

KDM Engineering is proud to be working on the Bronzeville Community Microgrid as part of ComEd’s Community of the Future initiative, helping to create one of the first microgrid clusters in the nation. A microgrid is a small power grid that can connect or disconnect to the main grid, keeping locally generated power flowing in times of emergency. This project will join two microgrids - one from the Illinois Institute of Technology and another from ComEd.

The project is divided into three phases. KDM is designing the electrical and structural/civil portions of the first phase and coordinating with ComEd on the second phase, completing the structural/civil design while ComEd does the electrical design. The first phase aims to reconfigure the feeders to serve the critical loads that are part of the cluster. KDM is also designing the installation of DA reclosers, a necessary component to isolate those critical loads. Phase II involves installing critical infrastructure, namely Vista Switchgear with radio communication capabilities and some additional reclosers, to be able to switch the microgrid on/off from the utility grid and maintain continuity to critically identified customers. The third phase encompasses construction of solar generation, installation of battery energy storage, and controllable generation by various vendors to support generation for the microgrid and connect it to the existing grid