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Line Clearance Violation Research Project

Line Clearance Remediation

The existing electrical grid has been in service for decades with new buildings constantly being expanded or newly constructed close to existing electrical lines. As engineering and safety standards continue to progress, outdated grid configurations must be updated to meet current standards, and ensure that people living near these violations are protected. A proactive program was instated to begin addressing these issues, and KDM was given the opportunity to take the helm on research of these potential violations.

Over the course of 6 months, engineers researched potential violations and field surveyed hundreds of miles of electric grid. Over 1,500 individual locations in Chicago and Northern Illinois were documented and measured to determine if the existing structures violated the updated minimum clearance requirement between wires and buildings, fire escapes, etc.

Due to the sheer number of violations and designing that would be required to fix the documented violations, KDM developed a database for the utility where the field data could be stored and cataloged. This would allow for easy reference in the future for the type of design that will have to take place to resolve these violations.

Currently, KDM is designing fixes to some of these individual violations. Our team is working with construction contractors, to make the configurations as cost effective and optimal as possible; while meeting all clearance requirements. This is going to provide high-level electricity service quality, and simultaneously maintain a safer living environment for cities and neighborhoods.