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Franklin Park/Tonne Substation Lighting Project

Substation Lighting Project

We completed designs in the Franklin Park and Tonne substations, performing lighting upgrades for ComEd. This involved retiring old fixtures, and replacing them with new, modern, LED lighting technology. The purpose of these designs, is to increase the substation lighting; allowing for workers to take advantage of improved lighting conditions in order to maintain personnel safety and adequate operation needs. These lighting improvements will ultimately provide more efficient maintenance, as well as consistent reliable performance for the Franklin Park and Tonne Substations.

KDM completed this project by surveying the existing conditions and calculating the required load. We developed a design that ensures 0.5 foot-candles requirement is achieved in 12kV/34kV/138kV bus structure areas and equipment areas, with adequate electric supply to meet 2.0 foot-candles with portable lighting, in the most efficient and economical way.

Our team was also responsible for integrating entrance gate motion detection with photocell lighting and external master control to operate the substation lighting, as well as enhance the level of substation security.

Throughout the entire design process, KDM also provided project planning and construction support.