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Hayford Substation Voltage Optimization

Substation Voltage Optimization

Our team provided engineering support for ComEd’s Hayford Substation Voltage optimization project. This project was initiated to meet the updated industrial standards, as well as to provide feeder metering functionality. For existing conditions, KDM performed field surveys and DC battery calculations.

Development of a high voltage and low voltage corrective plan was also completed. On the low voltage side, transformer and feeder meter upgrades aim to include: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA), communications, and 3-phase kW & kVAR hourly metering. On the high voltage side, Station transformer load tap changer (LTC) controls, and capacitor controls were upgraded to be compatible with distribution voltage optimization central control systems. The design included 3-phase voltage regulators to supply superior quality in electric service.

This project was ultimately a pilot project with the aim of a much larger goal. The purpose is to provide greater accuracy in customer’s kW per hour metering, which will fundamentally protect customers from higher electricity bills going into the future.